Friday, May 9, 2014

Polish Review ~ China Glaze Seahorsin' Around

Seahorsin' Around
China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection
Finding a nail polish that has a "wow" factor to it is pretty difficult, but I have to say that I definitely found it in China Glaze's Seahorsin' Around from their Sea Goddess Collection. This polish has an amazing teal bluish-green sparkle to it, and I must say that it looks absolutely fabulous on my tips.


This is a pretty dense glitter, because it is a textured polish. I know that some don't like those type, me being one actually, but this polish looks so amazing that I was able to see past that detail.  It goes on rather thick, so if you are only doing tips, you will only need to do a one-coat application.  For the full nail, I'd suggest two full coats.


I've used this polish twice now, and I have to say that it wears really well.  As long as you use a good top coat, any polish should last you at least a few days.  Since this is a textured polish though, I've found that those tend to last a bit longer and they are not much fun when it comes to removal. 


Because this is a dense textured glitter, removal is, like I said above, rather difficult.  You can by all means use the typical glitter removal methods you see around online, or you can use a strong remover such as pure acetone like I do. I know that some of you don't like pure acetone, but for this type of polish it is really needed.  Just make sure that you wash your hands really well after removal, and whip out that lotion because your hands will be really dried out.

Overall, I think that this is a beautiful polish that will be a great addition to your collection.  Not only does it have an eye-catching shine to it, but it wears really well too. The main drawback is the removal, but you will get that with most glitter polishes anyway. My local Sally Beauty Supply still has this collection in stock, so you might go to the actual store and see for yourself if they still carry it. It is also available on Amazon and Ebay. M Beauty Lounge lists it, but it's out of stock at the moment.

Now it's time to unveil my nails...


  1. That's a great color. Can I ask what you do for a living? The reason being that durability tends to depend on how much you use your hands. I'm on a computer all day, so I never bother to paint my nails at home. It's all chipped the next day. Always. I assumed it was from my job. Of course, I've never used a top coat in my life either. So I just wondered what you do and if it's similar to me if you think it's the top coat that promotes the durability.

  2. I'm a housewife, so I am always using my hands. I'm either working on my computer or cleaning the house. (Honestly the majority of my time is spent on my computer though)

    Durability is always going to depend on what you are doing with your hands, but a good top coat is a MUST if you expect your polish to last at all. Your polish needs something to protect it to prevent chipping. Not all top coats are good quality, but the one I prefer is Orly Top2Bottom because it can be used as both a base and top coat. Another product that has become a saving grace of my manicures, is a product called Gelous that I get at Sally's Beauty Supply. I put it between the coats of my nail polish, and then put a top coat on after the final coat. We will be doing a whole post about that very soon, so come back to check it out.

  3. I echo that the top coat makes all the difference. I type and use my hands with work all day and unless I really smack it hard against a ladder or strike a key at the right angle, a good top coat is key to saving your polish. The base coat helps keep your nails conditioned, aids in preventing polish stainage especially with the stronger colors like red and helps your polish go on perfectly smoothly. We all have our preferences. Tabatha prefers Orly Top2Bottom; I prefer Quimica Alemana and HK Girl.