Monday, May 26, 2014

Polish Review ~ Push and Shove by OPI

Lay Down That Base
Push and Shove
OPI Gwen Stefani Collection

Ever since I saw OPI Push and Shove featured on Pinterest from the OPI Gwen Stefani collection, I have been just dying to get my hands on it.  My love for this polish was short-lived, however, when I discovered upon purchasing it that it is more of a single-night type polish for special occasions.  This is clearly printed on the box with the directions for use, so you won't be surprised.  Despite the fact that it is a single-night polish, it really does look fabulous on my toes. 


Push and Shove has very specific instructions on how you must apply it, and it comes with its own base coat called "Lay Down That Base."  First, you apply a thin coat of the base and allow that to dry completely before applying one coat of Push and Shove.  Now I will warn you that it won't have that mirrored chrome finish quite yet and may look a bit streaky, but once that dries completely, you can apply the second coat.  Upon drying completely, you will have that spectacular mirrored chrome finish that looks absolutely awesome.


As stated above, this is a special occasion polish that is going to wear on your nails for about 24 hours.  I had the bright idea to use it on my toes, and I have extended the wear to about a week now.  I did, however, use a topcoat on my toes to help extend that wear, so that could possibly be why it lasted for so long. My first chip showed up a week after applying. Let me tell you that I just love the mirrored chrome look, and it went great with my pink and silver glitter Reef flip flops!


Push and Shove is a super simple-to-remove polish.  All you have to do is use any regular nail polish remover and it will slide right off for you without any lingering residue.

Overall, I think that this is a super-fun polish even if it isn't a long-lasting one.  It has such a unique finish to it, and I think that you will be just as impressed with it as I was. I'd show you a picture of me wearing it, but I hate to take pictures of my feet. Check out some examples on Pinterest if you are interested in the final look though, because I've seen some really great ideas done with this polish on there.

You can purchase the duet pack of Push and Shove and Lay Down That Base at Amazon for $7.00.

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